Fun shoot with the always amazing Bryden Jenkins in Venice yesterday. Styled by Chloe Chippendale, beauty by Claudia Michelle.


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Low flying object

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Pulcinella’s Secret
collage miniature by J A Dixon
8 x 10 inches

The Collage Miniaturist


Diverse Ecosystems Get Organized for Stability

Ecological networks that are highly organized are more stable, a new study reports, meaning that changes to these networks don’t cause them to fall apart. The study found that the species living in highly ordered networks can experience very different growth rates, one to the next, without threatening the overall network structure. In less ordered, or nested, networks, by contrast, disproportionate growth rates may cause a species to be knocked out — even rendered extinct. Using data on the network structures of 23 plant-pollinator communities in the United Kingdom, the researchers showed that nestedness minimizes competition between species, boosts the number of species that can live together, and increases stability. A Perspective provides more insights.

Read more about this research from the 25 July issue of Science here.

[Image courtesy of Mark Chappell. Please click here for more information.]

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Photo by mellaney_angelle http://instagram.com/p/spBpE-rym_/

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